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Yoga is not simply a physical practice.  The practice of yoga is about developing skills that will help the individual to reach the highest expression of themselves: on a physical level one learns to enhance one’s physical wellbeing and overcome and heal physical limitations; on a mental level, to calm and quieten the busy-ness of the mind and achieve clarity or purpose; and, on a deeper spiritual level, to transcend the ego and connect with the Divine life force.

Most people experience themselves as separate to the whole, Yoga teaches that in the creation of the universe, the One created the diversity of many.  This diversity can be called nature, of which we are a part.  Yet, most people feel themselves as separate, not only from each other, but also from their higher selves.

People tend to think of the soul as “my soul”; as a possession as separate from the whole, but in fact, the reverse is true.  Yoga teaches that our sols are an eternal part of thw whole.  The purpose of yoga then, is to be able to bring this diversity into consciousness and, similarly, to experience the oneness.  Yoga is intended to open the flower of our consciousness.

The aims and goals of yoga or a yogi include the following:

  • Reintegragtion of the self through bringing the self into a state of higher awareness
  • Finding innter peace by attaining stillness of mind
  • Medittive focus to achieve a state of oneness, of bliss (Samadhi)
  • The attainment of higher states of consciousness and the development of spirtitual insight
  • To live a life of discipline, service, harmony, peace and love

Hatha Yoga Classes

Kriya Yoga:

What does it do? Allignment of your shakra and omni presenceWhat to expect? Seated in meditation positions and breathing techniques

Ashtanga Yoga:

What does it do? Develops focus and internal awarenessWhat to expect? Body flow in various yoga positions, with a focus on posture & uses a prescribed sequence of asanas that are linked with breathing


What does it do? Rejuvination of energy – build up control.What to expect? Mantra music and various yoga positions used to release emotions and bad energies and to enhance good emotions and good energy

Forrest Yoga:

What does it do? Integrate body, mind and soul. The pillars are breath, strength, integrity and spirit

What to expect? Strengthening of core muscles – works on physical and emotional injuries


What does it do? Strengthens, stetch and align the body. Brings harmony to outer and inner self.

What to expect? Healing asanas to specific individual needs – physical and mental. All depending on individual needs.

Vinyasa Yoga:

What does it do? Strength & flexibility – muscle strength and improves fitness and balance. Lowers stress and anxiety levels

What to expect? Fast paced session and physically challenging. Various, challenging poses and gives a cardiovascular workout.

Yin Yoga:

What does it do? Focuses on strengthening and stretching muscles and deep connective tissues. Increase flexibility. Tunes into both body, mind and physical sensations of your body.

What to expect? Its slower and more meditative. Hold poses for long periods of time.

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