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About Healing Vibes

Laetitia Van Aswegen is the passionate woman behind Healing Vibes. Laetitia was introduced to the idea of healing and natural medicine at an early age. Her mother was a theatre professional nurse, who drew inspiration from her grandmother’s natural remedies.

In the 70s, Laetitia found yoga (with a little encouragement from her mom), followed by reflexology and aromatherapy. Reflexology and aromatherapy oils helped her to shake chest infections and other illnesses when she was young. Later, Laetitia applied the same techniques to her children, passing down what had worked for her with great success.


Laetitia discovered the power of alternative healing methods, which includes herbal medicine, massage, and dietary therapy when her eldest son fell ill. He suffered from chronic throat, chest and ear infection that caused Laetitia to turn to a homoeopath for help.

After dietary changes and homeopathic medication his immune system began to rebuild. This was evidence of the healing power of holistic medicine. During this time she also learned about the benefits of aromatherapy oils (essential oils).

In 2017, Laetitia experienced a traumatic event that led her to question many things in her life. She lost her husband of 30 years and struggled with grief. The emotional impact had a knock-on effect and weakened her body, as huge emotional disturbances can do.

A doctor recommended that she see a Reiki healer, who gave her the tools to process her grief and also introduced her to meditation. With these tools, Laetitia learned to process her grief and care for her spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.


Laetitia’s past experiences and successful results with yoga, Reiki, diet, massage, reflexology, and meditation laid the foundation for Healing Vibes. She now helps others with their healing journeys by offering treatments and sessions in reflexology, yoga, Reiki, and kahuna massage. Her aim is to share healing vibes with everyone who is open to activating their body’s own ability to heal.

Wellbeing involves a profound awareness of a person’s spiritual, emotional, and mental state of being. The emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels all influence one another. Through the correct harnessing of ‘Ki’ (life energy), Laetitia balances these elements and helps clients to achieve harmony and healing.

Laetitia has continued to grow her knowledge of aromatherapy, yoga, and holistic treatments. Her passion and expertise define her healing practice and embodies “Healing Vibes”.

Her primary aim is to empower people to take charge of their lives and processes by honouring their bodies on a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical level.


Healing Vibes aims to empower people to take charge of their lives and healing processes. The goal is to help individuals to awaken their body’s natural healing ability by achieving harmony between the spiritual, mental, and physical states of wellbeing.

The goals and aims of Healing Vibes include:

  • Assist your body’s own healing ability to main homeostasis through changes in lifestyle
  • Reintegration of the self by achieving a state of higher awareness
  • Discovery of inner peace through the attainment of mental stillness
  • Meditative focus to achieve a state of oneness and bliss
  • Development of spiritual insight
  • Living a life of harmony, service, peace, love, and discipline


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Laetitia has a very professional, well-schooled and practical approach to reflexology. She has a very good knowledge of anatomy and as a result, is able to treat most ailments. She has certainly been able to help me.
Romy D.

I went for my first reflexology treatment in April 2020. After three treatments, I developed a sensitive and swollen breast. I figured it had to do with more oestrogen and stopped using Femigel. From then on, my night cramps and sweats became less and my sleeping patterns improved. After five treatments, my breast started to settle. My ultrasound in Feb 2021 was normal after several ultrasounds in 2020. I think it has to do with the stimulation of the pituitary gland during my treatments. Interestingly, my eyesight improved. Sewing and threading cotton through a needle became easier. Altogether, I am experiencing a positive result from my reflexology treatments: extra energy, faster metabolism, and losing some stubborn weight. Laetitia is passionate about reflexology and gives a lot of attention to detail and more. My feet love Laetitia!
Louise M.